The Role of QA and QE in Enhancing Software Quality

There are various videos, blog posts, and articles available on the subject of quality assurance and quality engineering. Nevertheless, the majority of the prospects and customers pinpoint the differences and overlap between these roles as unclear or confusing. For this, we first need to figure out the difference between quality assurance and quality engineering.   […]

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Software and QA Trends In Healthcare Sector To Watch Out for In 2022

Quality and speed are very important to serve the healthcare sector efficiently. The unending demand and challenges of the healthcare sector have led to various enhancements and inventions. Digitalization has also modified the way healthcare used to operate. It involves connecting devices and people and providing meaningful implications from the information produced to provide enhanced […]

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9 Tips To Create A Successful Test Automation Strategy

A test automation strategy plays a significant role in enhancing the business processes and streamlining them. This is because; the test automation plan is a small-scale version of your bigger testing plan. Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting to you 9 tips to create a successful test automation plan. Read More…

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How to Fulfil The Role of QA in DevOps?

According to the DevOps approach, the role of testers and the developers cannot be ignored; both are equally important. The borders between the job responsibilities of a tester and a developer have become blurred in the DevOps process. Quality assurance connects operation and development. This allows them to explain how to have apps and software […]

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TestCrew Ranks Among the Global Software Testing Companies

Building and managing software entail a precise QA to guarantee the desired project outcome. QA can be seen as a necessary element of development, especially in big projects. As such, establishing a dedicated QA department and understanding industry best practices will help your organization create stellar digital tools and services. Here at TestCrew, we help […]

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How QA is Playing A Significant Role in Digital Banking?

This is the era of digital banking. All banks in this world have an online presence and some sort of application to provide ease and convenience to the customers. As an outcome, they have extremely private and confidential information stored in their systems. Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting to you some ways […]

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TestCrew Concludes Its Annual Meeting For 2022

In an enthusiastic atmosphere, in the corridors of the prestigious Hilton Riyadh Hotel, TestCrew concluded its annual meeting for 2022, which brought together the staff, team of experts, and engineers with the management of the company. The meeting began with Mr. Mohammed Khalifa, a consultant in management and training, reviewing the mechanisms of development, upgrading […]

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TestCrew Achieves 2023 Great Place to Work Certification™

TestCrew, a leading global software quality provider company, is honored to announce that the Company has been Certified™ by Great Place to Work®. This prestigious award is based entirely on the feedback of current employees. Approximately 99% of TestCrew members actively identified the Company as a ‘great place to work,’ one of the best results […]

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TestCrew participates in GITEX Technology Exhibition 2022 in Dubai

As part of its efforts to support Saudi exporters for the growth of local companies in global markets and to promote their products and services, the Saudi Export Development Authority continues its efforts and activities to raise the proportion of non-oil exports in the Kingdom from 16% to 50% of the value of GDP to […]

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TestCrew – Remarkable Presence in Global Technological Forums

The 2022 edition of GITEX Technology Week ended in Dubai, and the curtain fell on a series of events held at Dubai World Trade Centre, whose corridors included technological activities and events and exciting presentations with the participation of the largest technology entities and companies.  During the days of the exhibition, these companies sought to […]

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TestCrew Finalist in the North American Software Testing Awards

TestCrew is thrilled to announce that they have been named as a finalist in the North American Software Testing Awards. Naming TestCrew as a finalist in these awards is significant this time as they are chosen in four categories which are: Best use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Testing, Best Test Automation Project – Non-Functional, […]

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