Performance Engineering
Make your applications performance-ready for any scenario.

Delight your users with reliability, responsiveness, and robustness
Shipping products & features faster is already a challenge for
businesses and testing them for performance is often hurried or
not carried out at all. Apart from that, Implementing performance
testing at the end of SDLC increases time to market and testing
cost. Thus, Software applications fail to meet the expectations of
end-users every day. While this may not seem harmful at first,
revenue losses and user churning can be very significant. At
TestCrew, we understand the importance of performance engineering
and strive to implement best practices that reduce your time to
market and ensure maximum performance across your IT functions.
Our performance engineering professionals carry out a
comprehensive assessment and testing of all your software assets
to ensure speed, stability, and scalability. In addition, we adopt
an agile methodology to integrate continuous performance
improvement throughout your SDLC, including the CI/CD pipeline.

How Performance Engineering Helps Your Business?
Enhanced experience & quality.

Timely and seamless release.

Zero performance issues.

Reduced maintenance costs.

Reduced system and hardware costs.

Increased revenue & profits

Increased customer conversion & confidence

Optimal performance under extreme loads

Our Performance Engineering Services
Driven by comprehensive knowledge and domain expertise

Integration Testing

Scalability Testing

There could be lots of scenarios where you need to scale up or
scale down your applications. Through our scalability testing, we
ensure that the capabilities of your application are intact and
performance is maximized all the time.

Integration Testing

Endurance Testing

Technology products are up and running 24*7, and it’s business as
usual all the time. Through our endurance testing, we ensure that
your software applications can handle the expected amount of load
for a very long time without any degradation in performance.

Integration Testing

Stress Testing

Special occasions like promotions or festive seasons can attract
an unexpected number of users to your applications. Through our
stress testing, we ensure that your application doesn’t go down or
perform poorly in the event of a load beyond the capacity and put
measures in place to handle such scenarios.

Integration Testing

Load Testing

Load Testing helps you determine the expected usage of resources
during peak hours to optimize the application performance. Through
our Load testing, we make sure that your software applications
deliver continuous and consistent performance.

Integration Testing

Volume Testing

Applications are gathering and processing a large amount of data
round the clock. Through our Volume Testing, we ensure that your
software applications can handle and process the expected amount
of data without any bottleneck or performance issues.


Functional Testing Tools & Technologies Expertise

 Sauce Labs

Load Ninja





Silk Performer

ReadyAPI Performance

IBM Rational Performance Tester

TestCrew Differentiators
ISTQB, ISO9001, and TMMi Certified compatibility testing professionals

Fully equipped world-class Infrastructure & Center for Excellence

Customized compatibility testing capability

Test automation for quick turnaround time

Ability to quickly ramp up and ramp down

Use of real devices, browsers, networks, and other conditions.

24/7 Support

Consult with our Performance Engineering
professionals about your requirements.

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