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Automation Testing

Duration: 5 Days


This course is created to provide automation testers with expert knowledge concerning the creation, execution, and maintenance of automation tests. It is an excellent course for all automation testers who currently have foundational coding skills. It comprises real-life Automation testing skills and hands-on tabs to ensure that you have adequate knowledge to use Automation testing tools proficiently.


* Candidates must be testers with at least one year in the software testing field.
* Candidates must also be familiar with programming languages (Preferred Java or C#).

Target Audience

This course is for Testers, QC Leads, and QC Engineers.


Module 1:
• SW Test Automation Overview
• Test Robots
• Importance of Selenium
• Where Selenium Fits (Does/Doesn’t)?
• How many selenium versions are out there?
• GUI Test Automation Basics
• Why Selenium?
• Install Java overview*
• Install Eclipse overview*
• Project Structure
• Selenium “Hello World”
• Hands-on: Hello selenium usual and remote node.
*Candidates must have knowledge about the program before the course.

Module 2:
• Elemental Knowledge
• Basic XPath.
• Hands-on: Dealing with essential elements.
• Test frameworks [TestNG]
• Benefits of using Test frameworks
• Write TestNG Basic Tests
• TestNG Reports
• Driving test from TestNG XML.

Module 3:
• XPath and CSS locators.
• Issues with new web technologies. [Locating elements, waiting for events]
• Waiting mechanisms.
• Protractor calculator sample [Hands On]
• Accessing Complex Elements [Trees, Tables, and Tabs].
• Review Web-Driver Commands.
• Using JS with selenium
• Scrolling an element into view.
• Hands-on sample.
• Assignment.

Module 4:
• POM.
• Implementing a full scenario.
• Hands-on adding another scenario.
• Configuring the test execution.
• Enhancements [Parameterization, and grouping].
• Data-Driven testing.
• [Hands on Calculator with multiple data values]
• Assignment [data driven using CSV file].

Module 5:
• Multiple browser testing.
• Screen capturing.
• Constructed/Compound Actions
• Hands-on compound actions.
• Switches Alerts & Windows.
• Upload files.
• Running the test from the command shell.

This course is available on theses dates: