Best Software Testing Certifications That You Can Get

The process of building and developing software and applications goes through many phases, starting from gathering requirements, determining the system’s characteristics and specifications, to the process of delivering the system to the end-user. During this process, there’s an important phase considered one of the most important phases that determine the destiny of the system and […]

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Software Testing terms Guide

We firmly believe in the importance of software testing in building and developing systems and software. In addition, to reinforce the concepts of sharing and awareness-raising, TestCrew provides the following short guide to the most important terms of QA software testing. Through this testing terms guide, we provide the most common terms used during the […]

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What Is Software Quality?

Software development has accelerated at present. Companies now deploy upgraded and improved versions of their systems weekly, daily, and even hourly. For example, Amazon deploys new software in the production environment every 11.7 seconds through its Apollo deployment system. Releasing software to the market faster is a prerequisite for the success of software development companies. […]

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Your Guide For Software Testing Automation Tools

Most software development companies are now moving towards automating the testing process for their digital products due to the significant benefits that can be obtained through automating the software testing process. The primary goal of software testing automation is to speed up the testing mechanism and ensure the high accuracy and efficiency of the test […]