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The importance of core banking testing

With the progress of the financial industry and information technology, the growth of commercial banks’ development is immediately dependent on the core banking systems. As the demands of the clients increase, the core banking software has become more complex, Meanwhile, the core banking testing has been to the joint between banking information system and banking […]

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How to improve core banking implementations testing?

According to Gartner stats, the average cost of IT downtime is about $5,600 per minute in the core banking system. That means $300,000 per hour on average, so performance testing should be done to validate that the system behavior under peak load is consistent. Here, we will describe a two-step strategic approach to performance testing […]

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Test cases examples for core banking systems

The test cases made for core banking applications testing should cover all the workflows and they must consider the functional and security aspects. Testers should also check for user experience, concurrency, and data integrity. Below are some examples of tests that should be executed when testing core banking systems and applications: Test cases examples for […]

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What do we mean by Mobile Testing?

According to Statista, in 2022, the number of mobile app downloads is expected to be 258 billion, and by 2023, it is forecasted to reach 7.33 billion users worldwide. So, Mobile testing is vital for an application’s survival in marketplaces because the success of apps depends on user reviews. Here’s what you need to learn […]

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Mobile Testing’s test cases examples

Functional test cases To validate that the navigation between relevant modules in the application is as per the requirement. To validate that the user receives an appropriate error message like “Network error. Please try after some time” whenever there is any network error. To validate whether all the required mandatory fields are working as required. […]

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The Best Testing Tools and Frameworks For Your Mobile App in 2022

There are several methods and mobile app testing tools for implementing your mobile testing practices easily. Here are the best and easiest tools that can support you in handling and implementing your testing strategies. Appium: This Open-Source tool is used for Automated Functional Testing of Android and iOS mobile apps. Using the WebDriver protocol, Appium […]

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The importance of game testing

The gaming industry has become more complex over time whether it is a computer or a mobile game. This has made game developers more serious about the Game Testing process. In this article, we will throw some light on the process of Game Testing and what testing strategies are implemented. How to test games? How […]

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Types of Game Testing

Types and methodologies of game testing Game testing is crucial and integral to the success of a game. It analyses whether your product is ready for launch or not. Below are the most important methodologies, specific to games testing.

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Game Testing Process

Requirement elicitation The game testing process starts with a detailed understanding of different aspects of the game. This covers the characters involved in the game, the concept behind the game, mechanics, and principles that would be applicable.

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Mobile Test Automation – Quick Summary

This article describes the basic concepts of Mobile Automation. What is Mobile Automation Testing? Software testing is one of the main processes involved in mobile application development, where every mobile app developed is tested for various app features. These include the following features of the apps across browsers, operating systems, and various mobile devices: Loading time User […]

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Software Tester – The First Step in The Career path

More than 40% of the time and effort of the software development life cycle is spent on various forms of testing. It is a high percentage because the world is getting revolutionized around ‘quality’ more than ‘Quantity’. And with the constant technological progression in testing, this is envisioned that one software engineer has a variety […]

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