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5-Star QA Support: TestCrew Receives New Clutch Review

Building and managing software entail a precise QA to guarantee the desired project outcome. QA can be seen as a necessary element of development, especially in big projects. As such, establishing a dedicated QA department and understanding industry best practices will help your organization create stellar digital tools and services. Here at TestCrew, we help […]

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TestCrew held a “Passion to Lead” training session

After the Corona pandemic hit and its negative impact on all walks of life, and after the restrictions imposed on the issue of social distancing, the importance of managing teams and facilities from a distance is increasing, and the importance of maintaining production and giving levels by work teams and their managers is highlighted. In […]

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TestCrew launched ISTQB-FL course

Recently, TestCrew launched an ISTQB Foundation Level course over 4 working days, with a wide range of individuals and third-party clients and partners enrolled in the course. The course was delivered by Eng. Mohamed Salam, during which he reviewed the basics of software testing and its importance, and explained to the participants the types of […]

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With a Distinguished Saudi Participation, Curtain Falls on Region’s Biggest ICT Expo – GITEX Technology Week 2021

The curtain came down on GITEX Technology Week 2021 held at Dubai World Trade Center after 5 days full of activities, technical events, and interesting presentations from the world’s largest technical professional organizations which displayed their digital products during the exhibition in accordance with the latest global trends. More than 4,000 organizations from 97 countries […]

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As Part of The Riyadh Season Events With TestCrew Participation Closing of @Hack, The Largest Cybersecurity Event In The World

As part of the Riyadh season, under the auspices of the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming & Drones, the international tech event At Hack, which took place in Riyadh in a technological precedent in Saudi Arabia, has ended. It is considered as the largest event in this field in the region in which the world’s […]

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TestCrew Ranks Among the World’s Elite Companies in Software Quality

In a qualitative shift achieved by leading Saudi technical companies, and in efforts to achieve Saudi Vision 2030, TestCrew, through its range of services and successive achievements, has been able to be part of the group of global software testing service providers along with many international companies, where the leading Testing Providers list of Software […]

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The Significance of Regression Testing in BFSI

The evolution of technology has made servicing processes very convenient and easy. The markets have transformed drastically. This has led to a paradigm shift in the way businesses function. Providing the perfect software quality and catering to the increasing requirements of the customers digitally has become very significant to adapt to the new normal and […]

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5 Steps Process For User Acceptance Testing That All Testing Teams Must Implement

User Acceptance Testing is abbreviated as UAT. Here, the user is the client who has hired you to create software for them or customers to whom you will be selling your product. And, acceptance means approval or agreement. Software testing is performed by the client or user to see if the software is approved for […]

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4 Sorts of Software Functional Testing That Resolve The Testers’ Ambiguities

Software functional testing comes under the quality assurance process. It is a type of black-box testing that roots its test cases on the software specifications being tested. Functions are evaluated by nourishing them with input and assessing the output. The internal program structure is not regularly considered like in white box testing. Functional testing is […]

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11 Parameters of Non Functional Testing

Non-functional testing is done to assess non-functional aspects of the software app. These non-functional aspects include; reliability, usability, and performance testing. It is developed to test the promptness of the system according to the nonfunctional parameters. These things are not addressed by functional testing. Therefore, we first need to see the characteristics and the objectives […]

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The Significance of Software QA In Reducing Total Development Cost and Acting As a Growth Stimulator

Like all the other activities, software development is also done for generating profits. Therefore, three things need to be focused on: cost reduction, customer satisfaction, and good quality service or product. Some organizations or people do not give so much importance to cost reduction. This is because, they say if income is high, cost does […]

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